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Automated Loan App

Most people get loan from banks for business, but end up using some part of the money to solve individual problems, making it difficult to execute their business plan with funds left with them from the loan. With this app, individuals will be thought on how to manage funds for their business and also restrict them on a particular amount to be withdrawn, and provide them a marketplace where they can only utilise the funds on the planned business.

Security Emergency Call App

Security has been a thing of concern to everyone, especially as life improves and technologies are changing. Everyday people are afraid of the unknown and don’t know who to reach to during emergency. Cases of domestic abuse has been echoed everyday, robbery, petty theft, kidnap etc, and there has not been an easy way to call for help early enough to avert some of them.

A Ticketing App for a Jazz Band

A lot of busy professionals crave to attend concerts but always don’t know how to get the tickets for a concert they love to attend.

2WJ's Childrens' App

Most times it is difficult for children/teenagers to access godly related contents online, with many of the contents showing what is not for the kids in our geographical location, and also not all of them are monitored on what they watch. They also do not have a proper contents to educate them on how to live a life that is safe for them to grow and be useful to the society.

Website for Finding Rental Homes

Being a very busy person in a new city, I stayed in a hotel longer than I wanted, reason being that I could not find out time to go searching for an apartment.

Real Estate App
Hotel Landing Page
Recrowdly Web Page
Catering Landing Page
One voice App
Restaurant App

Musicpreachers Squeeze Page

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